Ponera coarctata typica Kratochvíl et al., 1944 unavailable
Ponera coarctata var. typica Kratochvíl et al., 1944: 62 (in key) (w.q.) Kratochvíl, in Kratochvíl et al., 1944. CZECH REPUBLIC. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: not designated. Type-locality: Czech Republic. Type-depository: not designated.
  • [Unavailable name (published without designation of type-material).]
  • [Note: Kratochvíl attributes this name to Latreille, and to Emery, 1895. The name does not occur in any of Latreille’s publications, nor in any of Emery’s 1895 publications. It appears that Kratochvíl merely meant to indicate that he thought this “var.” was typical of Ponera coarctata as a species.]