Cataglyphis savignyi (Dufour, 1862) valid
Formica savignyi Dufour, 1862: 141 (w.m.) EGYPT. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype male (by designation of Agosti, 1990b: 1490). Primary type locality: Egypt: nr the Pyramids (Savigny?). Primary type depository: MNHN. Type notes: 1) Original description cites syntype workers, syntype males (numbers not stated); Agosti, 1990b: 1490, cites 2 workers on 1 pin, and 1 male on a separate pin, which are not conspecific. 2) Agosti, 1990b: 1490, cites MNHN, but earlier Santschi, 1929b: 45, said of MNHN “the types [of Cataglyphis savignyi] have vanished”. 3) Agosti, 1990b cites Dufour as collector, which is obviously not the case.
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