Odontomachus maxillaris Smith, 1858 junior synonym of current valid taxon Odontomachus hastatus (Fabricius, 1804)
Odontomachus maxillaris Smith, 1858a: 77, pl. 5, figs. 12-14 (w.q.) BRAZIL (Amazonas). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Type-material: 1 syntype worker, 1 syntype queen. Type-localities: queen Brazil: Ega (= Tefé), 1855, “Ega 56/69” (H.W. Bates), and worker Brazil: Villa Nova, 1855 (H.W. Bates). Type-depository: BMNH. Type notes: The syntype worker was not found in BMNH and is presumed lost.