Lasius flavescens Forel, 1904 valid
Lasius niger r. flavescens Forel, 1904c: 386 (w.) TAJIKISTAN. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Wilson, 1955a: 75). Primary type locality: lectotype Tajikistan (E Bukhara): Schugnan, Gunt River, Sardyn, 16.viii.1897 (Kaznakov). Primary type depository: AMNH. Primary type specimen: CASENT0911048. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 16 paralectotype workers. Secondary type localities: 9 paralectotype workers with same data as lectotype, 3 paralectotype workers Tajikistan: Kara Gurum – Mazar, 24.vii.1897 (Kaznakov), 4 paralectotype workers Tajikistan: Roschan, col de Mardžanai, 19.viii.1897 (Kaznakov). Secondary type depositories: MHNG, ZISP.
Obsolete combinations