Polyrhachis dolomedes Smith, 1863 valid
Polyrhachis dolomedes Smith, 1863a: 14 (w.q.) INDONESIA (Seram I.). Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: 2 syntype workers, 1 syntype queen. Primary type locality: Indonesia: Ceram (= Seram I.) (A.R. Wallace). Primary type depositories: BMNH, OXUM. Type notes: One worker syntype and one queen syntype in OXUM (on a single piece of card); one worker syntype in BMNH. The OXUM specimens have a Donisthorpe type label and the BMNH specimen has a Donisthorpe “compared with type” label. However, when the writing on the underside of the stage cards is consulted, it becomes obvious that all three were originally mounted together and that the card has been divided at a later date. The underside of the stage card of the BMNH specimen has, “P”, plus part of a letter “D,” and “Ceram.” The OXUM card has “Dolomedes” (with part of the “D” missing). The two cards fit together perfectly to read, “P, Dolomedes. Ceram” (= Seram I.) (B. Bolton unpublished notes 1978, quoted by Kohout, 2012a: 35).
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