Polyrhachis sparaxes Smith, 1863 valid
Polyrhachis sparaxes Smith, 1863a: 16 (q.) INDONESIA (Misool I.). Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype queen. Primary type locality: Indonesia: Mysol (= Misool I.), “M.” (A.R. Wallace). Primary type depository: OXUM. Type notes: An alate queen in OXUM, labelled “M.” (= Misool I.) has a Donisthorpe type label. The locality is correct and the specimen fits the original description reasonably well, but it has a pair of short, broad propodeal spines. Smith, 1863a states in the original description, “thorace inermi,” and does not mention propodeal spines at all. Because of this a note has been pinned beside the specimen in OXUM, “does not fit original description”. However, no other specimen approaches the original description as closely as this one (B. Bolton unpublished notes 1978).