Polyrhachis taylori Kohout, 1988 valid
Polyrhachis (Polyrhachis) taylori Kohout, 1988b: 422, fig. 4A-F (w.q.) NEW GUINEA (Papua New Guinea). Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Papua New Guinea: West Sepik Prov., Toricelli Mts, Lumi , 400-550 m., 3.28°S, 142.02°E, 4-13.viii.1984, acc. 84.247 (R.J. Kohout). Primary type depository: ANIC. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 646 paratype workers, 16 paratype queens. Secondary type locality: 638 paratype workers, 16 paratype queens with same data as holotype, 8 paratype workers with same data as holotype but acc. 249. Secondary type depositories: ANIC, BMNH, BPBM, CASC, KONE, MCZC, MHNG, MNHU, MSNG, NHMW, QMBA, SIZK, USNM, ZSBS. Type notes: The depository KONE is unknown (not listed by Kohout, 1988b: 418, nor by Taylor & Brown, 1985: 305).