Polyrhachis guerini Roger, 1863 valid
Polyrhachis guerini Roger, 1863a: 157 (w.) AUSTRALIA. Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Australia (“New Holland”): (no further data). Primary type depository: MNHN. Type notes: 1) Emery, 1897: 588, Emery, 1914f: 428, and Taylor & Brown, 1985: 135, say the holotype is in MNHN, but later Kohout & Taylor, 1990: 514, say the “holotype cannot be located in any relevant European collection and appears to have been lost”. 2) Emery, 1914f: 428, and Kohout & Taylor, 1990: 514, imply that the correct type locality is New Caledonia, and that the original locality of Australia is an error.
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