Strumigenys coveri Fisher, 2000 valid
Strumigenys coveri Fisher, 2000: 640 (w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Madagascar: 1 km. W Andampibe, Cap Masoala, 125 m., 2.xii.1993, 15°51’37’’S, 50°10’53.4’’E, lowland rainforest, Winkler app. 259.3308w (Alpert et al.). Primary type depository: MCZC. Primary type specimen: CASENT0003240. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 3 paratype workers. Secondary type locality: 1 paratype worker with same data, 2 paratype workers (one with head missing) 2 km. W Andampibe, Cap Masoala, 125 m., 1.xii.1993, 15°41’25’’S, 50°10’10’’E, lowland rainforest, Winkler app. 238.3325w (Alpert et al.). Secondary type depositories: BMNH, SAMC.
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