Strumigenys mumfordi Wheeler, 1932 valid
Strumigenys (Cephaloxys) inezi subsp. mumfordi [sic] Wheeler, 1932e: 160 (w.) Note: inezi is a misspelling of Strumigenys inezae. FRENCH POLYNESIA (Marquesas Is: Uapou I.). Oceania.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Bolton, 2000: 401). Primary type locality: French Polynesia: Marquesas Is, Uapou I., Hakahetau Valley, 2500 ft, 8.xii.1929 (A.M. Adamson) (by restriction of Brown, 1953g: 124). Primary type depository: BPBM. Type notes: The second specimen mentioned by Wheeler (Marquesas Is. Nukuhiva, Ooumu, 4050 ft (Mumford & Adamson)), is excluded from the type-series (Bolton, 2000: 401).
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