Aphaenogaster structor clivorum Ruzsky, 1905 an obsolete combination of Messor clivorum (Ruzsky, 1905)
Primary type information: Type-material: lectotype worker (by designation of Steiner et al., 2018: supplementary material, 6). Type-locality: Russia: Kazanskaya gub., Chistopodsk, 8.vii.1892 (Ruzsky?). Type-depositories: MSNG (lectotype); ZMUM (original syntypes). Type notes: Other localities cited in original description: Russia: Samarsk, Buzuluksk, vi.1893 (Gordyagin), Russia: Stavropol, 12.vi.1899 (no collector’s name), Russia: Simbirsk, Lyakhovki, 1894 (no collector’s name), Moldova: Bessarabia, Shalbolats, 1904 (Brauner).
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