Meranoplus singularis Smith, 1858 an obsolete combination of Basiceros singularis (Smith, 1858)
Meranoplus singularis Smith, 1858a: 195, pl. 13, figs. 6-10 (w.) BRAZIL (Amazonas). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Brown & Kempf, 1960: 169 (in text), 175). Primary type locality: none given. Primary type depository: BMNH. Primary type specimen: CASENT0900940 Type notes: 1) The original syntype queen was identified as a species of Trachymyrmex by Weber, 1950d: 5. 2) This queen was formally excluded from the type-series by Brown & Kempf, 1960: 169, 175. 3) In the redescription of the species (Smith, 1860c: 78), F. Smith gives “Hab. Ega (Brazil)”, accepted as type locality by Brown & Kempf, 1960: 175: hence type locality is Brazil: Amazonas, Ega (= Tefé) (H.W. Bates).