Myrmica discontinua Weber, 1939 valid
Myrmica brevinodis subsp. discontinua Weber, 1939b: 150 (w.) U.S.A. (Colorado). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype workers (number not stated). Primary type locality: U.S.A.: Colorado, Florissant, Topaz Butte, 15.vii.1906 (W.M. Wheeler) (by restriction of Creighton, 1950a: 98). Primary type depository: MCZC. Type notes: Other original syntype localities: U.S.A.: North Dakota, Mikkelson (J.E. Goldsberry), U.S.A.: Wyoming, Yellowstone Park (A.C. Cole), Canada: Newfoundland, Bay of Islands (no collector’s name), Canada: Nova Scotia, Pleasantfeld (W.H. Prest).
Obsolete combinations