Myrmica orthostyla Arnol'di, 1976 valid
Myrmica orthostyla Arnol'di, 1976a: 552, fig, 8 (w.q.m.) KYRGYZSTAN. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Kyrgyzstan: Tian-Shan, Aksu-Dzhabagly Natural Reserve (G. Dlussky). Primary type depository: ZMUM. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 24 paratype workers, 5 paratype queens, 6 paratype males. Secondary type localities: 3 paratype workers, 3 paratype queens, 5 paratype males with same data as holotype, 18 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen, 1 paratype male Chatkalsky Range, Changama Pass, 15.ix.1969 (Yu. Tarbinsky), 3 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen with same data as last but 8.vii.1968 (Yu. Tarbinsky). Secondary type depository: ZMUM. Type notes: Discussion of type-series components by Radchenko & Elmes, 2010: 211.