Pheidole antillana Forel, 1893 valid
Pheidole guilelmimuelleri r. antillana Forel, 1893j: 401 (s.w.q.m.) ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES (St Vincent I.). Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype major workers, syntype minor workers, syntype queens, syntype males (numbers not stated). Primary type localities: St Vincent: 23a Richmond Estate, 31.x. (H.H. Smith), 23b, 23n,o,p Petit Bordelle Valley, 1000 ft, 1200 ft, 1300 ft, no date or 13.xi. (H.H. Smith), 23c Fitz-Hugh Valley, 500 ft, 4.xi. (H.H. Smith), 23d and 23f Leeward side, iv. and xi. (H.H. Smith), 23e no locality, vii. (H.H. Smith), 23g, 23i, 23j Morne à Garou, 27.x. and 1.xi., 1500 ft (H.H. Smith), 23h nr Palmyra Estate, 1000 ft (H.H. Smith), 23k, 23l, 23m Wallilobo Valley, 250 ft and 500 ft, 8.xi. (H.H. Smith), 23q upper Richmond Valley, 1500 ft, 27.xi. (H.H. Smith), 23r Hermitage Estate, Cumberland Valley, 1000 ft (H.H. Smith), 23s Châteaubelais, 250 ft, 26.i. (H.H. Smith). Primary type depositories: MCZC, MHNG, SIZK.
Obsolete combinations