Pheidole deceptrix Forel, 1899 valid
Pheidole deceptrix Forel, 1899e: 66, pl. 3, fig. 20 (s.w.) GUATEMALA. Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype major worker (by designation of Wilson, 2003a: 679). Primary type locality: lectotype Guatemala: Verapaz, Purula (Champion). Primary type depository: MHNG. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 1 paralectotype minor worker. Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depository: MHNG. Type notes: Forel’s description is based on what appears to be a single specimen. Wilson, 2003a: 679, designated a lectotype major worker and an attached paralectotype minor, saying of the latter, “not described by Forel but attached to lectotype major and evidently part of the type series.”
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