Pheidole inquilina (Wheeler, 1903) valid
Epipheidole inquilina Wheeler, 1903h: 664, fig. 5 (gynandromorph) U.S.A. (Colorado). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype gynandromorph. Primary type locality: U.S.A.: Colorado, nr Colorado Springs, Broadmoor, 11.viii.(1903?) (W.M. Wheeler). Primary type depository: MCZC. Type notes: 1) Wheeler, 1903h comments, “found together with several normal males and females”, but these were not described. 2) Wheeler, 1904a: 15, adds that specimens were also found at: Colorado, vic. Colorado Springs, Red Rock Cañon, nr Garden of the Gods, 28.vii.(1903?) (W.M. Wheeler), and vic. Colorado Springs, Austin’s Bluff, 10.viii.(1903?) (W.M. Wheeler). 3) Creighton, 1950a: 194, mentions “types” in AMNH, MCZC, USNM, but these were probably the specimens mentioned in Wheeler, 1904a.
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