Camponotus grandidieri Forel, 1886 valid
Camponotus grandidieri Forel, 1886c: ciii (s.w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype major and minor workers (numbers not stated). Primary type locality: Madagascar: (no further data) (Grandidier). Primary type depository: probably MHNG. Type notes: The lectotype designation by Rakotonirina et al., 2017: 140, consisting of lectotype minor worker, 4 paralectotype minor workers, 3 paralectotype males, Madagascar: (no further data) (Voeltzkow), is redundant as this locality and collector do not appear in the original description; the Voeltzkow worker specimens apparently derive from Forel, 1897d: 186; provenance of the males remains a mystery.
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