Camponotus mainty Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018 valid
Camponotus mainty Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2018: 41, figs. 12B, 13B, 28, 36 (s.w.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Holotype worker. Madagascar: Province Toamasina, Montagne d'Anjanaharibe, 19.5 km 27° NNE Ambinanitelo, -15.17833, 49.635, 1100 m, ex rotten log, montane rainforest, 12–16 Mar 2003 (Fisher, Griswold et al.) collection code: BLF08192, specimen code: CASENT0497845 (CASC) Secondary type information: Paratypes. 6 minor and 8 major workers with same data as holotype but with specimen codes: minors: CASENT0497841, CASENT0497844, CASENT0804669, CASENT0804670, CASENT0804671, CASENT0804672; majors: CASENT0497842, CASENT0497843, CASENT0804673, CASENT0804674, CASENT0804675, CASENT0804676, CASENT0804677, CASENT0804678 (CASC, BMNH, MHNG, PBZT)