Camponotus wellmani Forel, 1909 valid
Camponotus wellmani Forel, 1909b: 67 (s.w.q.) ANGOLA. Afrotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: 1 syntype major worker, syntype minor workers (number not stated), 1 syntype queen. Primary type localities: minor workers, queen Angola: Benguela (C. Wellman) (invalid restriction of type locality by Wheeler, 1922: 965; no lectotype designated), major worker Democratic Republic of Congo: Kapema, Kipaila (S. Neave). Primary type depositories: MRAC, MHNG. Primary type specimens: CASENT0910080, CASENT0910902.
Current subspecies (nominal plus)

Extant: 2 valid subspecies

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