Camponotus subtilis (Smith, 1860) valid
Formica subtilis Smith, 1860b: 94 (s.w.) INDONESIA (Bacan). Australasia.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype major and minor workers (numbers not stated). Primary type locality: Indonesia: Bachian (= Bacan I.) (A.R. Wallace). Primary type depository: OXUM. Type notes: 1) Mixed type series, awaiting resolution. 2) Smith, 1860b described Camponotus subtilis as major and minor workers of a single species. Of the OXUM material, one major and one minor represent a species of what is now Camponotus, but the remaining two “minors” are workers of Anoplolepis gracilipes Smith, 1857a. 3) Donisthorpe, 1932c: 459, thought that Smith’s major and minor referred to the two specimens of Camponotus, but in the original description Smith says, “antennae very slender, and longer than the body; the legs very long, the posterior pair nearly twice the length of the body.” This can only apply to the Anoplolepis gracilipes specimens. All the specimens were labeled “F. subtilis” by Smith. Those correctly in Camponotus are labelled “Bac. 34”, while the specimens that are properly Anoplolepis gracilipes are “Bac. 12.” For the present the Anoplolepis gracilipes specimens have been labeled, “F. subtilis F. Smith, part of mixed type-series; for other part see under Camponotus.” (Bolton (unpublished notes) 1978).
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