Camponotus boivini Forel, 1891 valid
Camponotus maculatus r. boivini Forel, 1891c: 34 (s.w.q.) MADAGASCAR. Malagasy.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype minor worker (by designation of Rakotonirina & Fisher, 2022: 58). Primary type locality: lectotype Madagascar: “probably Imerina” (F. Sikora). Primary type depository: MHNG. Primary type specimen: CASENT0101343 (lectotype). Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 2 paralectotype major workers, 1 paralectotype minor worker, 1 paralectotype queen, 1 paralectotype male. Secondary type localities: paralectotype workers with same data as lectotype, paralectotype queen Madagascar: (no further data) (Boivin). Secondary type depositories: MHNG, MNHN. Secondary type specimens: CASENT0101349 (minor worker), CASENT0101342, CASENT0101348 (major workers), CASENT0101607 (male). Type notes: The male is not mentioned in the original description.
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