Camponotus orinobates Santschi, 1919 valid
Camponotus (Myrmamblys) orinobates Santschi, 1919a: 348, fig. 4 (s.w.) KENYA. Afrotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype major and minor workers (numbers not stated). Primary type localities: Kenya (“Afrique orientale anglaise”): E slope Mt Kenya (Ch. Alluaud & R. Jeannel) (invalid restriction of type locality by Wheeler, 1922: 990; no lectotype designated), Kenya: Ambous River, 1800 m. (Ch. Alluaud & R. Jeannel), Kenya: Kijabé, 2100 m (Ch. Alluaud & R. Jeannel). Primary type depository: NHMB. Primary type specimens: CASENT0911874, CASENT0911875.