Camponotus horseshoetus Datta & Raychaudhuri, 1985 valid
Camponotus horseshoetus Datta & Raychaudhuri, 1985: 271, fig. 1, pl. 1 (w.) INDIA (West Bengal). Indomalaya.
Primary type information: Primary type material: neotype worker (by designation of Bharti & Wachkoo, 2015: 383). Primary type locality: neotype India: West Bengal, Darjeeling, 27.0383°N 88.2620°E, 1850 m a.s.l.,, hand collected (Aijaz A. Wachkoo). Primary type depository: PUAC (neotype). Type notes: 1) 3 other workers from the same series as the neotype are also present in PUAC. 2) Original type data: holotype worker, 1 paratype worker; India: Nagaland, Kohima (1444 m.), 28.xi.1982 (D.R. Pramanik); type depository: CUKI (specimens lost).