Camponotus tahatensis Santschi, 1929 valid
Camponotus erigens var. tahaensis Santschi, 1929g: 166 (s.w.) ALGERIA. Palearctic.
  • [First available use of Camponotus erigens magister tahatensis Santschi, 1929c: 103; unavailable name.].
  • [Also described as new, but Camponotus compressus thoracicus tahatensis Santschi, 1934f: 171, based on same material; unavailable name.].
  • Subspecies of Camponotus compressus and justified emendation of spelling to Camponotus tahatensis: Santschi, 1939d: 82.
  • Raised to species: Bernard, 1953a: 189.