Camponotus eperiamorum Clouse, 2007 valid
Camponotus eperiamorum Clouse, 2007a: 3, pl. 1A-C (w.q.m.) MICRONESIA (Pohnpei I.). Oceania.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Micronesia: Pohnpei State, Pohnpei I., Mt Delennankap (= Mt Nankep), 1700-2000 ft, 10.vii.1946 (Townes). Primary type depository: USNM. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 85 paratype workers, 4 paratype queens, 1 paratype male. Secondary type localities: 2 paratype workers with same data as holotype; other paratypes: Pohnpei I., Kitti, 24.iii.2000 (Clouse), Pohnpei I., Lehnpeinpoha Waterfall, 26.xi.1995 (Okihiro & Clouse), Pohnpei I., Mahad, 29.x.1995 (Clouse), Pohnpei I., Kmalen Pahnpe (above Keprohi Falls), 9.vii.1994 (Clouse), Pohnpei I., Mt Nahnalaud, 5.iii.1995 (Clouse), Pohnpei I., to Mt Nahnalaud from Kitti, 8.ix.1995 (Clouse), Pohnpei I., Mt Nankep, 8.ii.1946 (Townes), Pohnpei I., Awak, (Okihiro). Secondary type depository: USNM.