Camponotus juliae (Pierce & Gibron, 1962) unresolved junior homonym, valid
Paleosminthurus juliae Pierce & Gibron, 1962: 147, fig. 4 (m.) U.S.A. (California, Miocene).
  • [Note: Described in Order Collembola, Family †Palaeosminthuridae].
  • Transferred to Formicidae: Najt, 1987: 152.
  • [Unresolved junior secondary homonym of Camponotus juliae Emery, 1903.].
  • Status as species: Bolton, 1995b: 311.
  • [Note: junior synonym of Camponotus festinatus: Snelling, R.R. (pers. comm. to B. Bolton, 2004). Synonymy remained unpublished at his death in 2008; unconfirmed but accepted provisionally here.].
Obsolete combinations