Formica neorufibarbis Emery, 1893 valid
Formica fusca var. neorufibarbis Emery, 1893k: 660 (w.) U.S.A. (South Dakota). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Francoeur, 1973: 215). Primary type locality: lectotype U.S.A.: South Dakota, Hill City, 8.vii.1890, no.185 (T. Pergande) (by restriction of Wheeler, 1913i: 508). Primary type depository: MSNG. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: paralectotype workers (number not stated). Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depositories: AFPC, MCZC, MSNG, USNM. Type notes: Other original syntype locality: U.S.A.: Colorado.
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