Formica prociliata Kennedy & Dennis, 1937 valid
Formica prociliata Kennedy & Dennis, 1937: 531, figs. 1-9 (w.q.m.) U.S.A. (Ohio). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype queen. Primary type locality: U.S.A.: Ohio, Wooster Agr. Exp. Station, Catawba “Island” (= Catawba Point), 8 mi. E Port Clinton, W. Rofker fruit farm, 21.viii.1934, no. 1436 (M. Shellhaas & C.H. Kennedy). Primary type depository: OSUC. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: paratype workers (number not stated), >23 paratype queens, paratype males (number not stated, “numerous”). Secondary type locality: paratype workers, 3 paratype queens with same data as holotype but nos 1435, 1436, 1437, paratype workers with same data as holotype but 19.viii.1934, nos 1433, 1434 (C.H. Kennedy), 20 paratype queens with same data as holotype but 11.vii.1935, no. 2089 (M. Talbot, C. Dennis & Kennedy), paratype queens, paratype males (“numerous”) with same data as last but no. 2091. Secondary type depositories: LACM, OSUC, USNM.