Formica truncorum Fabricius, 1804 valid
Formica truncorum Fabricius, 1804: 403 (q.) CZECH REPUBLIC. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype queen(s) (number not stated). Primary type locality: Czech Republic (“Habitat... Moraviae Dom. Schott.”): Moravia (no collector’s name). Primary type depository: ZMUK. Type notes: 1) The original description appears to cite only queen(s), but Betrem, 1955a: 292, and Seifert, 2021: 168, cite 1 worker, 1 queen in ZMUK (reported by Seifert as now being in ZMUC). 2) Zimsen, 1964: 425, says 2 specimens, caste not specified.
Junior synonyms