Formica truncicola Nylander, 1846 junior synonym of current valid taxon Formica truncorum Fabricius, 1804
Formica truncicola Nylander, 1846a: 907 (w.q.) FINLAND. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: syntype workers, syntype queens (numbers not stated). Primary type locality: Finland: Kuusamo (W. Nylander). Primary type depository: ZMHF. Type notes: Radchenko, 2007: 36, and Seifert, 2021: 168, cite 1 worker, 2 queen syntypes. However, both also cite a syntype male which is not mentioned in the original description, where Nylander, 1846a: 908, says, “I have not so far certainly identified the male”.
Obsolete combinations

Extant: 0 valid subspecies (1 unavailable, 7 obsolete combinations)