Formica subpilosa Ruzsky, 1902 valid
Formica rufibarbis subsp. subpilosa Ruzsky, 1902b: 472 (w.) KAZAKHSTAN. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: lectotype worker (by designation of Dlussky, 1967a: 70). Primary type locality: Kazakhstan: Aral Sea (L. Berg). Primary type depository: ZMUM. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: paralectotype workers (number not stated). Secondary type locality: same as for lectotype. Secondary type depository: ZMUM. Type notes: Seifert & Schultz, 2009a: 79, give data of the lectotype + 4 paralectotypes as: Karachingil ust., Syr Dari, (L.S. Berg).
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