Formica kashmirica Stärcke, 1935 valid
Formica (Serviformica) rufibarbis var. kashmirica Stärcke, 1935a: 268 (w.q.m.) INDIA (Jammu and Kashmir). Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: 10 syntype workers, 1 syntype queen, 12 syntype males. Primary type localities: India: Nubra Valley, 3000 m., 14-18.vii.1930 (J.A. Sillem), Nubra Valley, 3700 m., (J.A. Sillem), India: Tehrong Valley, nr Siachen glacier, 4125 m., 20-26.v.1929 (J.A. Sillem). Primary type depository: NCBA. Type notes: Seifert & Schultz, 2009a: 81, cite 3 workers, 1 queen, 1 male: Nubra Valley, 14-18.vii.1930, one worker of which was labeled as holotype; no holotype was designated in the original description.
Obsolete combinations