Temnothorax gallae (Smith, 1949) valid
Leptothorax (Leptothorax) gallae Smith, 1949e: 112 (w.) U.S.A. (California). Nearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: U.S.A: California, Pasadena, Devil’s Gate Dam, 20.ii.1938, 2-20-38, no. 1 (A. Mallis & J. Schwartz). Primary type depository: USNM. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 15 paratype workers. Secondary type locality: 5 paratype workers with same data as holotype, 10 paratype workers with same data as holotype but 2-20-38, no. 2. Secondary type depositories: CASC, MCZC, USNM.
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