Temnothorax angustulus (Nylander, 1856) valid
Myrmica angustula Nylander, 1856b: 88, pl. 3, fig. 36 (w.) FRANCE. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Type-material: neotype worker (by designation of Galkowski & Cagniant, 2017: 185). Type-locality: neotype France: Villetelle, nr Montpellier, 43.713N, 4.130E, 12.vii.2008 (no collector’s name). Type-depository: MNHN. Type notes: Original syntypes (number not stated): France: Montpellier and Agde (“Monspelii, Agde”) (no collector’s name, presumably Nylander); taxon not recorded by Radchenko, 2007 in Nylander collection in ZMHF.
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