Temnothorax triangularis Salata & Borowiec, 2019 valid
Temnothorax triangularis Salata & Borowiec, 2019b: 121, figs. 16-24 (w.q.) GREECE (Euboea I.). Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Greece: Euboea, Sterea Ellas, 2.4 km. SW Stropones, 1025 m., 38.60327N, 23.87E, 10.vi.2018 (L. Borowiec). Primary type depository: MNHW. Primary type specimen: CASENT0846901. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 36 paratype workers, 2 paratype queens. Secondary type locality: 25 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen with same data as holotype, 11 paratype workers, 1 paratype queen Euboea, Sterea Ellas, 3.7 km. SW Metochi, 830 m., 13.vi.2016 (L. Borowiec). Secondary type depositories: BMNH, CASC, DBET, MHNG. Secondary type specimens: CASENT0846661 to CASENT0846704.
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