Temnothorax terricola (Mann, 1920) valid
Macromischa (Antillaemyrmex) terricola Mann, 1920b: 423, fig. 7 (w.q.) CUBA. Neotropic.
Primary type information: Type-material: lectotype worker (by designation of Prebus, 2021b: 324). Type-locality: lectotype Cuba: Guantanamo, Baracoa, 1918, Cotype U.S.N.M. No. 54153 (W.M. Mann). Type-depository: USNM. Type-specimen: USNMENT00922871 (lectotype; top specimen, furthest from pin). (Source: Prebus, 2021b: 324.) Secondary type information: Paratype-material: paralectotype workers (number not stated), 1 paralectotype queen. Paratype-locality: paralectotype workers with same data as lectotype (on same pin as lectotype); 10 paralectotype workers, 1 paralectotype queen with same data as lectotype. Paratype-depository: USNM. Paratype-specimens: USNMENT00922871 (workers; remaining specimens on same pin as lectotype), USNMENT00922870 (1 queen, head and mesosoma missing, 3 workers, head of 2 workers missing), USNMENT00532116 (4 workers, head of 1 worker missing), USNMENT00922871 (3 workers). (Source: Prebus, 2021b: 324.)
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