Temnothorax alfacarensis Tinaut & Reyes-López, 2020 valid
Temnothorax alfacarensis Tinaut & Reyes-López, 2020: 361, figs, 1-5 (w.m.) SPAIN (Granada). Palearctic.
Primary type information: Holotype a worker: (registration number CCZUGR 7.148) Spain: Sierra de Alfacar 1300m (8/05/1982, Pascual and Tinaut leg.) deposited in the Zoology Collections of the University of Granada (CCZUGR) Secondary type information: 76 specimens deposited in the corresponding collections of the University of Granada (CCZUGR), University of Córdoba (JRLUCO), in the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Madrid (MNCN), in the department of Zoology of the Autonomous University of Madrid and that of Dr. X. Espadaler (Autonomous University of Barcelona