Temnothorax ixili (Baroni Urbani, 1978) valid
Leptothorax (Macromischa) ixili Baroni Urbani, 1978b: 459, figs. 67, 111 (w.) GUATEMALA. Neotropic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype worker. Primary type locality: Guatemala: [intercepted in quarantine: San Francisco, California, U.S.A.] 30.iv.1946, SF 20968, 46-5352, Oncidium sp. Primary type depository: USNM. Primary type specimen: USNMENT00529550 (pin includes teneral gyne which is missing a head). (Source: Prebus, 2021b: 188.) Secondary type information: Secondary type material: 10 paratype workers. Secondary type locality: 6 paratype workers with same data as holotype; 3 paratype workers (bearing a label reading “PARATYPUS”, but unreported in Baroni Urbani, 1978b), 1 paratype worker [intercepted in quarantine], 6.v.1938, EQR4815, Oncidium sp. Secondary type depositories and specimens: LACM: LACMENT323191; MCZC: MCZ-ENT00581829; NHMB: CASENT0912951; USNM: CASENT0758364. (Source: Prebus, 2021b: 188.) Type notes: Prebus, 2021b: 188, reports a teneral queen on the same pin as the holotype, not mentioned by Baroni Urbani, 1978b. Prebus, 2021b: 188, also records 3 paratypes in LACM, but dated 6.v.1938 (intercepted in quarantine); these were not mentioned as paratypes by Baroni Urbani, 1978b in the original description.
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