Formica nemoralis Dlussky, 1964 junior synonym of current valid taxon Formica exsecta Nylander, 1846
Formica nemoralis Dlussky, 1964: 1037, figs. 2(3, 8), 3 (9) (w.m.) RUSSIA. Palearctic.
Primary type information: Primary type material: holotype male. Primary type locality: Russia: Voronezh State Nature Reserve, 29.viii.1962, no. 62-220 (A. Zakharov & G. Dlussky). Primary type depository: ZISP. Secondary type information: Secondary type material: paratype workers, paratype males (numbers not stated). Secondary type locality: same as for holotype. Secondary type depositories: ZISP, ZMUM. Type notes: Seifert, 2000a: 526, and Seifert & Schultz, 2021: 193, cite 9 worker paratypes.